Civic Strike Committee for a Life with Dignity and Peace in the Territory 

(En Español)

Civic Strike Committee for a Life with Dignity and Peace in the Territory 

Press Release #21
Buenaventura, June 4, 2017


The Civic Strike Committee for a Life with Dignity and Peace in the Territory addresses the public and reiterates its initial principled demand for respect for peaceful protest.

On the 20th day of the civic strike, we once again express our profound admiration for the brave people of Buenaventura who have clearly understood the decisive role that we are playing in history.

From diverse backgrounds and each one according to their means, there have been concrete and symbolic actions, and – as such – we are one. We are a dignified people that have stood up and forced Colombia and the world to look at us.

All of this strength has contributed to the fact that today we are close to reaching an agreement with the government, who only after all of this time has begun to understand the determination of our decision and the powerful strength of our reasons.

In this context, we could speak with the government’s commission, which was directed by Minister of Interior Guillermo Rivera and Minister of Environment Luis Gilberto Murillo, about concrete answers, such as the decision to create a fund for the Autonomous Heritage of Buenaventura that will respond to the problems identified by the Civic Strike.

One effective component of this process at this moment has been the diverse institutions that have acted as guarantors. We would like to especially highlight the presence of the United Nations’ High Commissioner for Human Rights in Colombia, Todd Howland. His proven international prestige gives us confidence and facilitates the progress of these dialogues.

It is, therefore, a question of continuing down this path. Meanwhile, the resistance and the commitment of our people in the streets, with their cultural and educational activities, continues to be profoundly important, along with the efforts of businesses and sectors of the economy that have taken on a large cost and effort to maintain the strike.

We would also like to inform you that we have reported all of the acts related to the presence of the ESMAD to the negotiating table, with all clarity. Accordingly, a commission made up of human rights defenders from the UN, government officials, and members of the Civic Strike Committee informed the negotiating table about this issue before the government’s commission, and in the presence of Minister of Interior Guillermo Rivera.


Calle 7 No 62-07 Barrio Independencia 1a etapa. CELL: +57-3155189830 – +57-3117173594.; Facebook: Comité paro cívico Buenaventura.


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