ACONC: Black Communities of Northern Cauca Mobilize for Life and Territory


Message to the public from the Association of Community Councils of Northern Cauca (ACONC).

Untitled1In light of the ongoing violations of our ethno-territorial rights, death threats, assassinations, and displacement of Afro-Colombian leaders of Northern Cauca, the 41 community councils of the region associated through ACONC and other ethno-territorial organizations call black peoples to the peaceful mobilization for the care of life and the ancestral Afro-Colombian territories. We hereby demand that the National Government fulfill the following:

  1. We demand the purchase of lands held by large landowners for the purpose of collective titling and recognition of the lands of the ancestral community councils of Northern Cauca.
  2. We demand the Free, Prior, and Informed Consultation and Consent of the communities that conform the community councils, with special reference to the following 4 projects that will impact our lands:
    1. Highway Construction – Villa Rica – Santander de Quilichao – Popayán.
    2. The Regional Afro-Caucan Water Aqueduct.
    3. Plan Pacifico (The Pacific Plan)
    4. The transition of Paez Law to Free Trade Zones.
  3. We demand the creation of a pathway to honor prior agreements with the National Government (Environmental Management Plan of the Salvajina Dam, San Rafael Farm Agreements of November 13, 2013 and May 7 of 2014, and the Black Women’s Mobilization of December 2014).
  4. We demand the creation of a clear pathway to collective reparations and the restitution of territorial rights as Decreed in UARIV and UTR – 4635 of 2011.
  5. We demand the backing of CONPA and the Ethnic Commision to ensure a differential focus to the process of the peace negotiations, and to establish a mechanism of participation in the implementation of the peace accords.
  6. We demand the titling of special mining reserves in the ancestral territories of the community councils of northern cauca.
  7. We demand that the programs of the colombian institute of Family Wellbeing – ICBF and State programs for Social Prosperity – DPS, be implemented with an ethno-differential focus and fall in line with our own ethno-development plans.
  8. We demand the improvement and construction of 20,000 free rural homes for black communities.
  9. We demand the guarantee of the human rights of the community leaders defending the ethn-territorial rights of Black Communities.

Therefore, the Black, Afro-Colombian Peoples of Northern Cauca, Mobilize for peace, for dignity, and the care of life and the ancestral Afro-Colombian territories of Northern Cauca.

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