Afro-Colombian Solidarity Campaign

The Afro-Colombian Solidarity Network and Black Lives Matter are initiating a fundraising campaign in solidarity with black communities in Cauca, Colombia. We are calling on you to support the efforts of the courageous leaders and community of La Toma in Northern Cauca. Since 2009, the community of La Toma has experienced ever-growing threats to their territory and livelihoods. The people of La Toma have worked in traditional mining and safeguarded their environment for nearly four centuries. Today, despite various constitutional protections including the right to collective ownership of their ancestral lands, the community is experiencing massacres, sexual violence, forced displacement and constant death threats by armed paramilitary groups.

We ask for your solidarity, both financial and spiritual, in helping the community raise US$25,000 to support two important community projects.

Your support will go toward two efforts that have been vital for the local struggle in La Toma:

  1. Aiding the Black Women’s Movement in Defense of Life and the Ancestral Territories in developing a community radio station;
  2. Helping to purchase a truck to carry out a self-sustainable  agricultural program. The goal of the agricultural program is to strengthen the bonds between rural black communities and displaced black community members in the city, by building access to organic, community-grown vegetables and fruits at affordable prices.

This fundraiser is your opportunity to make the expression “another world is possible” real.

Click here to donate!!

Like in the US, Black communities in Colombia are facing death, on multiple dimensions. Please seize this opportunity to support the struggle and solidarity building efforts of the Global Black Family.

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