Statement by the “Movement in Defense of Life and Ancestral Territories”

For the mothers, grandmothers, sisters, and all women
For the alternative media
For those in solidarity that have opened their hearts because the love for life is greater than the fear of death.

For those that of us that feel that water is worth more than gold and that seeing our daughters and sons grow up in peace is the Good Life.

We have started walking! We left Santander de Quilichao holding hands and walked throughout Cali. We are now at the Universidad del Valle. Our daughters and our sons are also walking with us—they are our Guardia Cimarrona.

They ask us who we are? Black women from Cauca. What do we want? The space to care for Life. We want to live life in Our Territories where we were born.

What do we want? The media asks us again and again. We don’t want to feel fear when we walk our trails. We don’t want to hide out of fear when we get in the river because a bullet could take our lives. We want the retroexcavators out of Cauca. We want the exploitative titles to be revoked because we were not consulted. We want to live without the fear caused by the machine owners that send us notes saying that they know when our daughters and sons leave school…

We greet – with joy and hope – the students, the professors, the collectives, and the people that send us messages of solidarity from Berlin, Oslo, Texas, and Brazil. They, too, have joined the struggle against injustices. To all of You that move towards more just relations that dignify Life, we embrace you. You can count on us.

We anticipate the arrival of women’s collectives and students in Cali tomorrow at noon in the Plaza de San Francisco and at 5 pm in the district of Aguablanca with the sisters from Chontaduro. We will walk in Palmira and Buga on Thursday and Tulua on Friday. Stay attentive for more of our statements so that we can tell you how the movement is going!

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